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Defence Mechanisms by SLICER


Melbourne abstract painter and graffiti artist SLICER presents Defence Mechanisms. A collection of new works exploring anti-predator adaptations, materiality and the psyche. 

Employing the use of assemblage and a fearless exploration of new sculptural techniques the artists works explode into physical space armed with conspicuous warning colourations. What was once a two dimensional field of paint on canvas, striving to extend beyond its limits, is now a tangible expression of raw, physical material informed by the battle grounds of the natural world. 

Slicer's distinct form of abstract mark making is channeled through common construction materials; Corrugated steel, expansion foam, plastic and wood are combined to create an engaging enquiry into automated reaction, and the nature of defence.

Friday 20 April 2018
6.00 - 9.00pm

Friday 20 April
12noon - 9.00 pm

Saturday 21 April
12noon - 5.00 pm

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