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Snug Succour by KATIE ERASER

Katie Eraser is a self-taught Melbourne based artist. Eraser’s extremely energetic and highly intriguing practice has undergone a joyously prolific last 12 months. Resulting in two major shows and one notable art-fair inclusion. ‘Perfection isn’t beautiful, Destruction is beautiful’ was Eraser’s first sell-out exhibition, held at Boom Gallery in April this year. Besser Space is thrilled to showcase the highly anticipated second solo-show ‘Snug Succour.’

Featuring 30 major works, the exhibition is a journey through the familiar, and fresh terrain of new media for Eraser. Large scale painted works provide stimuli for sculptured clusters, that thus in turn, motivate a new mode of embodied exploration, presented via large textile pieces. Those familiar with the artists previous work, will identify the visual language that harks only of a Katie Eraser encounter. However, this current survey sees a freshly simplified and deliberate use of line and texture. A tightly considered and thoughtful offering that showcases a newly determined view of the interplay between shape, colour and line.


The human experience of self-imposed seclusion, or socially constructed ostracism, is a space which herein lies a struggle that is not uniquely our own. If we are bound to reveal ourselves in darkness, and don a mask to perform in light, can you blame people for reaching towards chemical comfort?

Looking to aspirational notions of comfort, specifically within the home environment, the focus is on the line and shape that we seek solace and care within. These new works brightly climb out of the depths of isolation and render a new day rising under the guise of radiant expressions of abstraction. The works have been refined and simplified over and over until the shapes that form the works are unrecognisable from their original inspirations. In restraining the form, and line, sometimes altogether entirely, we see a new display of maturity and composition. 

Delving into new mediums, specifically textile works, a deliberate act to extend the artist practice and visual language beyond the rigidity of wood and solid forms was sought. Creating a space filled with opposing textures and variances
in soft and hard replay key focuses of emotions intersecting with environment. 

If we each aspire to feel safety, security and comfort {Snug} in and outside of our darkest moments, and recognise this as a human need we should all be afforded, maybe we can find more time to support, care and aid {Succour} each other. Possibly then we can be free of chemical comforts.

Friday 2 February 6.00pm - 9.00pm
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Saturday 3 February 12.00 - 5.00pm
Sunday 4 February 12.00 - 4.00pm

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