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‘Party People’ - Niko Sopelario

What makes us, us?
Is it our traumas, our coping mechanisms? Is it where we are at in status? Are our success measures judged by how we are perceived on our social media accounts? Is it about the likes, our followers?

These questions are a natural offcut to the very fast-paced world of technology. We must adapt or update. We must supply the demand for visual consumption of our ‘lives’. The facetious nature of what we are forced to project in order to be deemed socially ‘successful’ have made us lose touch with our truths and who we really are.

‘Party People’ is the second movement from performing and visual artist Niko Sopelario. It is here he asks us to look at our place amidst the social media smoke screens and review our own disconnection to ourselves.

His first collection of work aptly named ‘Melancholia’ bravely delved into the emotional landscapes which shaped his adolescence. The impressions of his traumas and memories were our introduction to the visual of just one facet of Niko’s deep inner realms.

The shadows of our psyches are always present and semblances of these darknesses can even flood out into our existence - ones we aren’t even consciously aware of. This type of exploration is not foreign to the artist.

In ‘Melancholia’ the pieces are reflective of nightmarish scenes - depictions of never-ending lands that have kept the characters hostage in their pain. Niko hoped for the viewer to see his humour in these dramatisations. The resounding sadness which echoes throughout the work hints at the satirical nature of Niko which gives incidental light to the body of work. This theme is prevalent again with ‘Party People’ however rather than looking at the pain of our past, we are to question the ills of the present and the culture it has bred.

Wednesday 1 August: 10am - 5pm
Thursday 2 August: 10am - 5pm
Friday 3 August: 10am - 5pm
Friday 3 August Opening Night: 6pm - 9pm
Saturday 4 August: Open 12 - 5pm

Later Event: August 31
The Next Level - Melbourne 2018